Raw Indian Hair

Raw Indian Hair

Rsw Indian Hair:

A lot of times people ask whats the difference in raw & processed hair? Raw hair is mainly imported from the country of its origin, simply cut off one donors head, sewed on a weft, washed & sold! The curl pattern from each donor of the hair is the curl pattern you will receive, so no curl patterns are perfect nor the same color, but they're naturally beautiful & fuller than most! All raw hair is requested to be co washed first, & left in a dry area to retrieve its curl pattern. Raw hair has a thicker look & lighter feel, with no fillers what so ever!

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Hello I would like to know more about your vendor list for your hair all types. Also will you have any online branding classes coming up in 2019 or a location close to me I’m from Ohio thank you kindly.


Hi iam trying to start my own hair line so can you plz help me


I’ve had there straight and deep curly hair and I love them both. There hair is the best hands down no shedding no tangling just pure soft and always have volume. You won’t regret there hair at all. Your going to love it


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